Multi Language Websites

It is projected than in near future 60% of Internet users will be speaking a language other than English.

A common mistake is to confuse, or merge, language choice options with navigation to a local country site. It is important to manage the users experience through clear signposting to ensure they understand where an option takes them and the associated language of a target page.

Currently there are 128 million English-speaking Internet users (99 million in the USA) and 88 million non-English.

Website owners will be inevitably faced with the task of multi-language web designs of websites to communicate with non-yourlanguage users.

Many web sites need to be developed in several languages. Multi-language website development is a specialized skill and we are experts in multi-language website design services, we can unlock the benefits of multi-language web design capabilities for your websites.

The top right hand corner of a web page has become the standard location for a login button as well as a search box. At the risk of crowding this area further, it has also become the de-facto standard location for language selection buttons.


Toggling multi-country page content


Users should be able to toggle between equivalent content and features on multilingual websites, such that the user can select the current page in different languages rather than being taken back to a homepage Similarly the alternative language version of a site should be complete and not a combination of two languages.


Features and functionality including “FLASH” elements, button labels and of course menu navigation, should all be presented in the selected language.